Easter Sessions | Children's Photography | Hagerstown, MD

I always look forward to my Easter Mini Sessions. First of all it means that spring is in the air! The kids have such joy on their faces and I absolutely love the creamy pastel outfits that my Moms and Dads pick out. Here are a couple of my favorite photos so far!

End if Summer Portraits | Family Portraits | Hagerstown, MD

As the school year starts a lot of families are getting a head start on their family portraits. Life moves pretty fast, so why not capture a great photo for the Christmas Cards early?!?

I love showing the love each of my families share! It’s something I find is so important. Leave your phones and to do lists in the car and lets go take a walk in the park.

Camille | Maternity Photography | Hagerstown, MD

This week I had the pleasure of working with Camille and her family. They are expecting their second child, a girl. With all the rain we’ve had lately, we moved our session to the first dry day we could find. We even got a couple little peeks of sunshine here and there!

What a gorgeous maternity photo! Camille’s red dress looked absolutely beautiful with her skin tone and the beauty of the Hagerstown City Park.

I cannot wait to meet your little girl! Thanks for the lovely shoot!


Sweet Ella | 6 month session | children's photography | Hagerstown, MD

The last time I saw Ella was at her Newborn Session. What a difference 6 months makes! She now has the most beautiful lashes, has the cutest chubby cheeks, and is so curious. I love the little smiles she gave every once in a while. 

Happy 6 month's Ella Girl! Your family loves you so much!!!

Andrew's One year session | Children's Photography | Portrait | Hagerstown, MD

One year sessions are so much fun to capture! I love seeing how much a one year old really takes in his/her surroundings. You can really see their personalities developing. Some are shy, some are rough and tumble go getters, and some are super silly with lots of laughter. 

At Andrews one year session, we decided to skip the studio and head outside. We met at Doub's Woods Park, Hagerstown on a pleasant summer day. 

I offered him a couple different toys to play with during our time together. The one thing he loved the most was the little fake cupcake that I handed him. 

It was so sweet to see him light up when his big sister was close. Even though the session was for Andrew, I couldn't help but photograph the bond these two have. 

I can't get over how cute his wispy hair is, and ohh my those blue eyes!!! Happy Birthday Andrew!!!

Norah's 4 month session | Children's portrait | Hagerstown, MD

I haven't had the opportunity to photograph little Miss Norah until now! Her 4 month session! She has the sweetest personality. Check out those blue eyes!!!

I love her sweet smile, capturing her curiosity about everything around her, and especially how she loves to suck on her fingers.  4 month sessions are the best!

Britton & Cece

For our first ever session, I met Britton & Cece at Surreybrooke Nursery. It's one of my favorite locations to photograph my clients at. Britton & Cece had a wonderful time walking, running, skipping, playing, and goofing off! 

Britton is 8 years old and has a quiet sweet disposition, while Cece is silly and spunky! These two couldn't be more different. Thats what I love about my families with multiple children. 

Mom requested at least one photo of the two of them together in hopes that they would look happy. I'm very happy to say that I captured a ton of photos with them together enjoying the day. Woo hoo! 

Some of my Favorite photos from this years Easter mini | Hagerstown | Portrait Photography

So many great moments! I laughed so hard my abdominal muscles were sore the next day. These kiddos are such a delight to photograph!

Thanks to all of my families for making out to this years Easter Mini Session! 

Jake & Nikki | Children's photography | Hagerstown, MD |

These two! Ohh my goodness how cute are they?!?

This family has been with me forever! From their engagement, to their wedding, maternity, newborn photos, one year photos, and now three month session. This is the reason I do my job. I love watching your stories unfold! 

Bri | Children's photography | Surreybrooke Nursery

I've had the pleasure of photographing Bri since she was two years old. I'll never forget chasing her around, as she giggled with joy. She still loves to be chased and tickled, even at 6 years old. 

She is the ultimate girly girl. The makeup, hair, nails, dresses, jewelry, she loves it all! But this girly girl also likes to get dirty and run free. In fact, she left our session with muddy pink shorts lol.

Bri is active in the Pageant world, and loves to ride horses in her spare time. At 6 years old she is so sweet, and so kind. She gives the biggest hugs, and brightens everyones day. I look forward to our next session together!

Easter Picture's | Hagerstown, MD | Hypnotic Imagery, LLC

Every year I look forward to photographing Easter mini sessions. The pastel colors, floral designs, and sweet smiling faces are the perfect farewell to winter and hello to spring. 

I seriously can't get enough of the cuteness! The temperatures may be chilly outside, but the studio is warm and ready for my little friends. The best part about my studio is that I've got both natural light and studio lights ready to go. This year Darla and Oreo decided to make an appearance as the extra special surprise. The kids faces lit up when they met these sweet bunnies.  

Happy Easter to all of my wonderful families. I truly appreciate your loyalty, and love photographing your children and watching them grow.