Bill & Kirsten tie the knot! | Wedding Photography | Hagerstown, MD

Bill & Kirsten chose to have a very intimate wedding ceremony to celebrate their love for one another. They were joined by their sweet little boy and a couple close family members. 

They were joined by their sweet little boy and a couple close family members. 

At Hypnotic Imagery, LLC we love to celebrate love! I am so happy for these two, and cannot wait to see what their future holds.

The perfect day

Chris and Lindsay celebrated their 10 years anniversary with the perfect vow renewal ceremony! They were joined by their closest family and friends to share their love once again. 

Lindsay chose the perfect party favors, flowers, and details for the day. 

Chris and Lindsay are proud parents of two lovely children. They were so excited to be part of their parents special day.

Their ceremony was full of laughter and a happy tears. Both children helped by reading to the crowd, and helping with the tie ceremony. 

The rain held out long enough for us to snap a couple photos of the Chris and Lindsay before the party began!

Cheers to many more years of Love you two!!! Thanks for having us photograph such a special moment in time!

A beautiful Wedding with the most lovely Bride

I always like to check in with my brides to see what photograph or moment captured mattered the most to her. Recently I captured a very small video clip of a father walking his daughter to be married. There were so many photos that she loved, but in particular, she cried as she watched this beautiful moment. 

It reminds me that my journey as a wedding photographer doesn't stop at photographing beautiful images from the day. Even the smallest video clips add a little icing to the cake! 

Paul & Nichole's Wedding | Wedding Photography | Courtland Mansion | Winter Wedding

Paul & Nichole have been planning their wedding for two years. They couldn't wait for their New Year's Eve Wedding at the Courtland Mansion in Hagerstown, MD. I absolutely love the romance of a winter wedding, and NYE was the perfect date! 

Nichole has dreampt of this day since she was a child. She put so much thought into every detail. All of her ideas came to fruition and it was magical to see. 

I've never seen a more excited bride. She couldn't wait to marry Paul and enjoy her wedding day.

The one thing Paul and Nichole really hoped for was a dusting of snow. They even considered bringing a snow machine. Lucky for them, we received a dusting of snow the day before their wedding!

Congratulations Paul and Nichole. Thank you for choosing Hypnotic Imagery, LLC for your wedding photography. Tina and I had a wonderful time!!!

Jeremy & Heather | Clearville, PA | Wedding Photography

Jeremy and Heather met while camping with a group of friends many years ago. It was so fitting to their love of the outdoors when they chose the Creekside Resort as their wedding venue. As Tina and I drove to the venue, we traveled what seemed like miles of winding roads through the forest with no houses to be seen. We both agreed that this was going to be the perfect outdoor location for their wedding. 

After Jeremy & Heather exchanged rings, I watched an old tradition for the first time. The "Jumping the Broom" is a ceremony in which the bride and groom, signify their entrance into a new life and their creation of a new family by symbolically "sweeping away" their former single lives, and jumping over the broom to enter upon a new adventure as wife and husband. 

After the ceremony Jeremy and Heather rode in the most beautiful horse drawn carriage to enjoy their first moments as husband and wife privately. This is something I encourage all of my couples to consider. 

The bridal party photos were so much fun to capture. This image was captured between takes and happens to be one of my favorites. It totally showcases each individuals personality. As a photographer, this is what I always hope to capture. The moment when everyone relaxes and enjoys being present with one another. 

My absolute favorite part of the wedding day is the Bride and Groom portraits. Capturing their love for one another in a romantic way with a beautiful private location is amazing to witness.  

Jeremy & Heather, we wish you the best! Thank you for choosing Hypnotic Imagery, LLC for your wedding photography. It was an amazing day!

Ryan & Nadine marry at Stone Manor Country Club, Middletown, MD.

Ryan & Nadine chose to marry at the Stone Manor Country Club in Middletown, MD. The mild temperatures and beautiful fall foliage made their day perfect. Ryan looked dashing in his black suit while Nadine's blush dress looked exquisite. 

As the sun began to set, Ryan & Nadine said their vows in front of their closest friends and family, ending with the perfect kiss. 

Kyle & Ashley tie the knot

Kyle & Ashley were married at the lovely Rockland Estate. If you are looking for a Wedding venue with amazing landscapes, a gorgeous historic home to get ready in, and the best service, look no further. Rockland Estate is the place to be. 

Stephanie and Chris: Dreams That You Dare To Dream Really Do Come True

This Wizard of Oz themed wedding/renewal of vows, was inspired by the day Chris and Stephanie met for the first time at a costume party.   

bride and groom

Stephanie dressed as Dorothy, and Chris instantly lost his heart. Unlike the tin man, however, Chris doesn't have to search far. His heart is at home with his wife and two kids. And as we all know "There is no place like home".

Hagerstown Maryland Wedding dress
Wedding Shoes

Stephanie rocked her tea length A- line wedding dress with bright red pumps. Her hair was in a classic twist and her lips cherry red. She looked like she just stepped out of a vintage wedding magazine. 

Chris' outfit was the perfect compliment to Stephanie's classic beauty. He sported black and white Chucks, a red tie, suspenders and to top things off, a Stetson hat. 

bride and groom

Stephanie was escorted up the aisle by their two sons, Colton and Evan. They exchanged personalized vows. Amongst these vows, Chris promised to always open the pickle jar when it got stuck and to answer "yes Dear" when she asks him if he is hungry in the middle of the night, so she doesn't have to eat alone. Steph promised to keep the fridge stocked with red meat and pepsi and to find something to do in the next room when Chris needs to concentrate deeply on his video games. 

bride Springfield Farm Barn

After the Ceremony, Chris escorted his family along the yellow brick road to the reception located at the Springfield Farm Barn.  The party that awaited, was to celebrate a love that is is timeless as the movie they have grown to cherish. 

Wizard of Oz Themed Wedding

Congratulations Stephanie and Chris for the many years you have dedicated to each other. And we wish you many more years of happiness. We are excited that we got to document such an important part of your history and would be honored to follow your family through all of its milestones. 

Beck and Tina

Springfield Farm Barn: Ashley and Matt

A Game Changer

Ashley and Matts love story began on a blind date. Matt had no way of knowing that when Melissa (A friend from school) called to invite him to an Orioles Baseball game, on a double date, he would be meeting the love of his life.

 They are the perfect match. They share a love of good food, great brews, cocktails, and wine. Both of them like to read, cook, and watch Sons of Anarchy. 

Their Big "I DO"

The ceremony took place outside set against the backdrop of the historic Springfield Farm Barn in Williamsport Maryland. As for the reception, the couple crafted a charming affair that was truly their own. Thousands of twinkling lights and a giant chandelier created an elegant, warm rustic atmosphere within the barn. 

Matts cousin Chris officiated the ceremony. During these personalized nuptials, he recalled a time when he and his cousin were traveling through Europe and Matt expressed that his heart was missing something.  Over a year later it is very evident what that something was missing. 

Radient Bride

According to her dad, Ashley is one tough cookie. But her whole face lights up and she seems to melt into a calm contentedness when Matt is around. 

Ashley and Matt,

We were so honored to be a part of your day. Your love created the perfect bubble around the day so large that even the expected rain couldn't penetrate it. We wish you an amazing time on your honeymoon to Ireland (so jealous btw) and a love and laughter filled marriage. We can't wait to see you soon!

Becky and Tina

Fountain Head Country Club: Catherine & Kyle

Catherine and Kyle's modern day fairy tail began at St. Vincent College. Their strong bond was put to the test repeatedly, especially when Kyle was deployed for several months after joining the Navy. When he returned he realized that home was where Catherine was. As in all Modern day Fairy tales, perfection has a twist and often the twist makes things more memorable. Kyle had planned a very romantic proposal first church, then lunch, and a walk on the pier. where he was going to pop the question. However, Kyle had to improvise a bit considering it was way too blustery to pop the question on the pier. Thinking fast on his toes, he quickly set the scene indoors.  Catherine loves that story and lights up when telling it.

Your Fairytale Awaits

When we showed up at Sagittarius Salon, Catherine and her girls were well into getting their hair and make up done. The Mimosas were flowing and despite the fact they had had a late night due to the rehearsal dinner, the girls, and Moms, were laughing and having a great time. There were a lot of stories and fun memories shared. From the salon the girls headed to the hotel to finish their preparations. 

9:48 AM

9:48 AM

A Moment in Time

Back at the hotel the guys were dressed and ready to go. Kyle walked to the window and glanced out. Meanwhile in the room directly below him, with the girls bustling behind her, Catherine was drawn to the window herself. Kyle had no way of knowing that his bride would be sharing in the exact same moment. Were they lost in thoughts of each other? Were they imagining the adventures ahead? Either way there is no doubt that these two souls were meant to be. 

11:30 AM                                                                   11:31 AM

11:30 AM                                                                   11:31 AM

Behind Every Strong Woman is more Strong Women 

Being the bride on such a monumentus day is not for the faint of heart. Emotions are high, nerves are high and anticipation of a lifetime ahead can cause even the strongest of woman to weaken under the pressure. But Catherine handled it all with the grace and elegance of the princess that she is. It was evident that her inner strength came from many places that day. She was surrounded by very strong women.  Her mom was there every step of the way, head to head, hand to hand, Mother to daughter, woman to woman. Lauren, her older sister (who had just got married herself) was able to give helpful tips and encouragement, Theresa, another of the Barton sisters, had everyone laughing and feeling at ease just by being the amazing ball of energy that she was. Stephanie (who will be married next May) was a steady support, Leanne her BFF and honorary sister, and her two gorgeous sisters in law rounded out her wedding party to perfection. Even her something borrowed and blue were treasures from some other very strong women in her life. 

11:27 AM

11:27 AM

11:47 AM

11:47 AM

11:58 AM

11:58 AM

Get to the Church on Time

After a fun photo shoot its was Go time! Their modern day coaches disguised as limos were ready to greet the separate parties at the entrance of the hotel. Next on the list of things to do that day?.... Get Married!

12:48 PM

12:48 PM

12:51 PM

12:51 PM

The church was breathtaking and the ceremony was moving in every way. It was exactly 2:48 PM when Kyle and Catherine shared their fist forever kiss. 

1:46 PM

1:46 PM

2:05 PM

2:05 PM

The Perfect Backdrop for Romance

The Reception was held at the beautiful and elegant  Fountain Head Country Club.  The views were gorgeous and the romantic atmosphere provided endless opportunities to photograph the love between these two. After a short golf cart ride, they found the perfect place for some quiet time before the party began.

4:48 PM

4:48 PM

4:50 PM

4:50 PM

5:35 PM

5:35 PM

"Those Barton Girls"

Later, in the ballroom, The Barton girls gave a very loving speech that included a "How to survive living with Catherine" survival bag for their new brother. Amongst those items were a very large bottle of ketchup, A dog leash, ear plugs, a sleep mask, a bottle of wine, and Moms Chicken soup recipe because according to Theresa "Catherine has the good fortune of taking after my dad in being a bad patient. So really, cook the soup, then hide."

5:45 PM

5:45 PM

A Gift From Dad Left No Stone Unmoved

Catherine's Super Dad has the heart wrenching honor to be marrying off 3 of his 4 daughters in 2 years. His gift to each of them was a Daddy Daughter dance song chosen based on his relationship with them individually. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. Emotions were still high as Kyle escorted his mom to the dance floor. I have to admit to shedding more than a tear or two during these very touching dances. 

7:15 PM

7:15 PM

Lets get this Party Started

After the formalities of the reception was finished it was time to celebrate the merging of these dynamic families, and celebrate they did, with a bang! Thanks to Bill from Wizer Productions, The dance floor stayed packed the entire night.

7:35 PM

7:35 PM

Catherine has been dancing her whole life and Kyle himself came from a family of dancers. In fact, he had a dance off with his brother, then he and his father thrilled the group by performing a very entertaining choreographed dance to "You Can't Touch This".  Later his sister tore up the dance floor doing a swing dance. 

Fountain Head Country Club

 Making Time for a Little "Hot Sauce"

While the party was bumping inside, Kyle and Catherine slipped away for a moonlit moment.  It was hot and steamy on the dance floor but nothing like what was just around the corner.

9:01 PM

9:01 PM


Catherine and Kyle,

It is obvious that you found your true soul mates in each other.  To say we had fun is an understatement! Your family and friends were so welcoming, that when we left we felt like we made forever friends. It was an honor to document your first day as husband and wife. 

Love Becky and Tina