Paul & Nichole's Wedding | Wedding Photography | Courtland Mansion | Winter Wedding

Paul & Nichole have been planning their wedding for two years. They couldn't wait for their New Year's Eve Wedding at the Courtland Mansion in Hagerstown, MD. I absolutely love the romance of a winter wedding, and NYE was the perfect date! 

Nichole has dreampt of this day since she was a child. She put so much thought into every detail. All of her ideas came to fruition and it was magical to see. 

I've never seen a more excited bride. She couldn't wait to marry Paul and enjoy her wedding day.

The one thing Paul and Nichole really hoped for was a dusting of snow. They even considered bringing a snow machine. Lucky for them, we received a dusting of snow the day before their wedding!

Congratulations Paul and Nichole. Thank you for choosing Hypnotic Imagery, LLC for your wedding photography. Tina and I had a wonderful time!!!