Bri | Children's photography | Surreybrooke Nursery

I've had the pleasure of photographing Bri since she was two years old. I'll never forget chasing her around, as she giggled with joy. She still loves to be chased and tickled, even at 6 years old. 

She is the ultimate girly girl. The makeup, hair, nails, dresses, jewelry, she loves it all! But this girly girl also likes to get dirty and run free. In fact, she left our session with muddy pink shorts lol.

Bri is active in the Pageant world, and loves to ride horses in her spare time. At 6 years old she is so sweet, and so kind. She gives the biggest hugs, and brightens everyones day. I look forward to our next session together!

Trent | Frederick, MD | Senior Portrait

I first met Trent as a tween, and now it's hard to believe he is about to start his senior year in High School. Time really flies! 

After our session was rescheduled 3 times because of rain, we finally met in Frederick, MD for his senior portrait. Trent chose Market Street as the location for his shoot, and I can see why. It's cool and interesting, just like him. 

I hope you have a wonderful senior year. Good luck with your future college endeavors, and keep on keeping on!

Rowan | Newborn Session | Frederick, MD

Ohh my goodness this sweet girl is such a delight. Her two big brothers couldn't be more happy to meet their little sister. I am absolutely positive that they will be her protectors for life. Mom and Dad couldn't wait to meet their little girl. She completes this family of five!

Rowan is now the youngest member of the family. Born almost two weeks early as her mother predicted. She came quick and more perfect than her family could imagine. This little one with her porcelain skin, and hands of a musician, is the sweetest, most content baby I've met in a while. 

Rowan was the smiliest baby ever. Is that even a word?!? As you know, I am a mother of three boys. Holding these precious babies make my heart so happy. She would smile every time I gave her a snuggle, but stop the moment I put her down. I'm lucky to have captured the last photo in this sequence because it was the smile I was waiting for. I was determined to photograph at least one of her smiles before I put away my camera. And it was ohh so cute!!! Big thanks to the Koehl family for choosing me to capture your beautiful babies. I pinch myself everyday!

Jeremy & Heather | Clearville, PA | Wedding Photography

Jeremy and Heather met while camping with a group of friends many years ago. It was so fitting to their love of the outdoors when they chose the Creekside Resort as their wedding venue. As Tina and I drove to the venue, we traveled what seemed like miles of winding roads through the forest with no houses to be seen. We both agreed that this was going to be the perfect outdoor location for their wedding. 

After Jeremy & Heather exchanged rings, I watched an old tradition for the first time. The "Jumping the Broom" is a ceremony in which the bride and groom, signify their entrance into a new life and their creation of a new family by symbolically "sweeping away" their former single lives, and jumping over the broom to enter upon a new adventure as wife and husband. 

After the ceremony Jeremy and Heather rode in the most beautiful horse drawn carriage to enjoy their first moments as husband and wife privately. This is something I encourage all of my couples to consider. 

The bridal party photos were so much fun to capture. This image was captured between takes and happens to be one of my favorites. It totally showcases each individuals personality. As a photographer, this is what I always hope to capture. The moment when everyone relaxes and enjoys being present with one another. 

My absolute favorite part of the wedding day is the Bride and Groom portraits. Capturing their love for one another in a romantic way with a beautiful private location is amazing to witness.  

Jeremy & Heather, we wish you the best! Thank you for choosing Hypnotic Imagery, LLC for your wedding photography. It was an amazing day!

Easter Picture's | Hagerstown, MD | Hypnotic Imagery, LLC

Every year I look forward to photographing Easter mini sessions. The pastel colors, floral designs, and sweet smiling faces are the perfect farewell to winter and hello to spring. 

I seriously can't get enough of the cuteness! The temperatures may be chilly outside, but the studio is warm and ready for my little friends. The best part about my studio is that I've got both natural light and studio lights ready to go. This year Darla and Oreo decided to make an appearance as the extra special surprise. The kids faces lit up when they met these sweet bunnies.  

Happy Easter to all of my wonderful families. I truly appreciate your loyalty, and love photographing your children and watching them grow. 

Andrew | Hagerstown, MD | One year session

Andrew's first year flew by. It seems like just yesterday I was photographing him at his newborn session. He was such a calm newborn, in fact, he slept almost the entire session. It's so amazing that you can predict a child's temperament as soon as they are born. Fast forward one year and this little guy is still super laid back. 

Andrew gave me the sweetest smiles throughout the session. He totally reminds me of the Gerber baby! Those round cheeks, wispy curls, and porcelain skin, I just can't. He was a joy to photograph, and I can't wait to watch him grow. I've got the best job ever!

Ryleigh | Hagerstown, MD | One year session

This little bundle of energy was a pleasure to photograph. Ryleigh is now one year old, and I was so excited to meet her for the first time. Just take a look at her sweet smile!

One year sessions are so much fun to photograph. Life is very exciting, emotions are absolutely pure, textures and toys are such a delight. This is what I love to capture in each and every one year session. 

I cannot wait to watch this little one grow! Our next session will be filled with running, jumping, and exploring as toddlers do. Little Miss Ryleigh leaves a little sparkle everywhere she goes!

Riley | Hagerstown, MD | Newborn Session

The Sturtz Family was so excited to welcome Riley into their lives. Those tiny toes and chubby cheeks are ohh so cute to photograph!  

As a mother of three boys, I get so excited to hold a newborn baby. My husband laughs each time I receive an order from Easy with a new headband, diaper cover, or blanket. I can't resist purchasing a new item for each Newborn I photograph. 

Once Riley had a good feed, she slept through the entire session. I have a feeling she will be a very laid back baby. It's amazing how you can predict a personality even as a Newborn. I look forward to watching her grow over the years! 

Kearan & Rhylan | Hagerstown, MD | Children's Photography

Kearan & Rhylan have been a joy to photograph every year since they were newborns. These two little guys are full of energy, love, and excitement. 

As a twin, I absolutely love to see the bond these two share. They will be forever friends, connected even if they are far apart. 

Happy 4th Birthday Kearan & Rhylan. It is such a joy to watch you grow!

Benjamin | Hagerstown, MD | Newborn session

The Horst family was so excited to meet the newest member, Benjamin. Big sister Lilly waited 9 months to meet her little brother. As soon as I arrived, she told me how much she loves his little toes and soft baby skin. 

Mom silently wept tears of joy as she enjoyed a couple moments with her precious baby. These are the moments I live for. The love just pours out from time to time. I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to capture such pure love. 

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart. -Winnie The Pooh

Ryan & Nadine marry at Stone Manor Country Club, Middletown, MD.

Ryan & Nadine chose to marry at the Stone Manor Country Club in Middletown, MD. The mild temperatures and beautiful fall foliage made their day perfect. Ryan looked dashing in his black suit while Nadine's blush dress looked exquisite. 

As the sun began to set, Ryan & Nadine said their vows in front of their closest friends and family, ending with the perfect kiss. 

Surreybrooke Nursery Portrait sessions

This year I invested in the most beautiful location to photograph my family portraits. Surreybrooke is located in Middletown, MD, between Hagerstown, and Frederick. It truly is a magnificent garden that blooms from March to November. 

These twin girls had the best time running the property, and exploring every nook and cranny. This lovely family portrait was captured by Surreybrooke's only pond resting next to a huge weeping willow tree. 

Penelope loved the pink flowers, as well as toddling along the beautiful pathways. Mom and Dad were always close by loving the sheer joy on their daughters face. Photographing children is one of my very favorite things, and these photos truly express that. 

Occasionally I hand over the camera to run in for the tickle bomb. This little guy couldn't get enough! I live for these moments. Tina captured this wonderful image at the perfect time. As the sun began to set we played in the grass together talking about what a great time we had together. 

Sean's Senior Session

The Jonathan Hager House in Hagerstown, MD is a wonderful place for senior portraits. Sean has been a wrestler his entire high school career, so of course we had to include his ring and jacket in a couple shots. He was a pleasure to work with.  

Spitzer Family

These photographs were taken in a quiet little farm town in West Virginia. I left the house early with coffee in hand and arrived at the most beautiful family farm. This family portrait session is one that I will never forget. While its not always easy to shoot an early morning session, they are always worth it. 

Kyle & Ashley tie the knot

Kyle & Ashley were married at the lovely Rockland Estate. If you are looking for a Wedding venue with amazing landscapes, a gorgeous historic home to get ready in, and the best service, look no further. Rockland Estate is the place to be. 

Natalie's senior session

Natalie, her mother Dena, and I, set off on a hike through historic Harpers Ferry for this senior session. Senior portraits are always exciting because you get to choose the location, and I will capture images that show the things you cherish. As a photographer, I love to experience new locations and am always open to new ideas. We climbed a stone wall that was at least 12 feet over the water. Both Natalie and I were terrified, but we got the shot. At the end, we stopped for ice cream and laughed about how scarred we were. YOLO!