As the owner of Hypnotic Imagery Photography, it is my desire to show my clients a different side of themselves. I love photography because it allows me to capture the essence of the moment.  Whether its the love that exudes from a newely engaged couple, the romance of their wedding day, the pure love a parent has for their newborn baby, the bursts of giggles during a one year session, or high energy of a senior portrait. I love it all and would love to follow you through your lifes journey. I approach every session with a sense of purpose and resolve, while striving to provide an unobtrusive experience for my clients.  I have chosen to share my passion with you through the delivery of quality products that will last a lifetime.


My passions? Home, Life, and Photography. Sure being an entrepreneur takes guts but being a mom? Now thats where the Glory is! As a mother, I fell in love with my children, and in turn fell in love with photography. This hobby of capturing the essence of life, and the most candid, love inspired portraits, became my occupational focus. I took a leep of faith in 2009 and launched Hypnotic Imagery, LLC. Since my love of photography was born thru being a mother.  I feel the love and energy I devote to photography is directly derived from the love I have for my family. 

Rebecca O'Neill


I can't wait to meet you!

I have always loved photographs and in fact my obsession began very early, pouring over old images to organize and catalogue years of family legacy. Before long I was creating albums for families and weddings. I loved the rewards and challenges of telling stories through imagery. My goal to provide future generations with a timeline that tells the story of their heritage led me to team up with my best friend and most admired photographer Rebecca O'Neill. 

Here are just some of the words that describe me:  Mommy,  homeschool mom, outgoing, go getter, leader, speaker, coach, researcher, wife, observer, confidence, care taker, strength, composition, historian, photographer, friend, organizer, helper. 

Taking pictures that last throughout several lifetimes is a passion of mine.  And I am proud to be a part of a team that will do what it takes to get that special shot, that will help you tell your story.

Tina Taylor